Butterfly Approved

The perfect butterfly approved landing spot.

Nine out of ten butterflies will say they prefer zinnias… Oh, who am I kidding? Ten out of ten butterflies prefer zinnias over any other flower in the garden. Here’s proof.

Swallowtails, both yellow and black, Gulf Fritilaries, those greenish/yellow Sulfur (no pic, as they are too quick) have been the big tourists this summer to the cutting garden. Still waiting to see the Monarchs parade through. Summer isn’t over by a long shot, so I’m certain they will arrive.

Butterfly Blessings from the garden at Flowers Proper.

Adds A Little Sumpin Sumpin

I’ve made my mayhaw syrup for our ice cream tomorrow (the 4th). Not all of it would fit in the jar. So, it went in the bottom of a tall glass, along with ice and a cola. The mayhaw syrup added a little sumpin sumpin. Nice!

Here are a few pics of the drink plus some photos of out and about.

Happy Independence Day Blessings from the Exile’s Kitchen.