A Call To The Bull Pin

Can you believe that the local grocery store didn’t have a single package of corn dogs? On the night that LSU plays MSU in the Super Regional, to decide who goes to Omaha for the big game, I wanted to have corn dogs for supper. I will explain: MSU students and fans call LSU students and fans corn dogs. Why exactly I am not sure. Both universities are agricultural schools. It’s kinda funny to me. Kinda the pot calling the kettle black, huh, Mr. Aesop?

I had wanted to tweet out a picture of my plate of corn dogs decorated in squirt mustard words saying, ” Geaux Tigers”. You know, some reverse psychology mojo. Oh, did I not make myself clear? This Baton Rouge, Louisiana born girl is a Tiger supporter.

I sent my son to the grocery store with my short list: corn dogs, squirt mustard and freezer bags. We were given fresh corn and I needed to get it in the freezer. My son was gone just a few minutes when he called home. The grocery store had no corn dogs, what should he get? I told him my substitution and the following recipe is the result.

Corn Dog Muffins


1 box Jiffy  cornbread mix

1/2 cup self-rising cornmeal

1 egg

1/2 cup milk

1 pack of all beef franks

1/3 block of gouda, shredded  (about 1 cup)


Preheat oven to 350°.

In a medium bowl stir together the first 4 ingredients. Cut the franks into bite sized pieces. Fill 12 lined muffin cups 3/4 full with the cornbread batter. Drop into each muffin cup the pieces of franks, evenly distributing them. Top each muffin with a generous helping of gouda. Bake for 25 minutes, give or take.



As you can see, we had fresh corn on the cob too. We enjoyed this ‘call to the bull pin’. Not really enjoying the game, as of this writing, as the MSU Dawgs are ahead of my LSU Tigers by 1 run. Come on, Tigers!

Blessings from the Exile’s Kitchen.


Post Script:

Corn Dogs- er- Tigers Win!!!


It Started With A Happy Little Cloud

This week was so much fun; a happy little cloud in a crisscross sky started my week out with a smile.


That fluffy little smudge, kinda in the middle of the picture, got me thinking about the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross.  He had a gentle way of speaking and a huge ‘fro of hair. He would use a 2″ brush to paint trees, clouds, water, whatever. When I saw the cloud, it made me think of the famous Bob Ross phrase: “It’s your world. You want a cloud in it? Well, go ahead, put it wherever you want.”

I made up a Facebook  contest: a box of Cajun Pralines to the person who could identify the one who said the above mentioned phrase.

Players needed a hint and this was it. Sadly, some players guessed Richard Simmons!
I posted this when I announced the winner.
A trip to the craft store for paper supplies = dressed up box of pralines

Wednesday at choir practice, the winner was excited when she received  her prize and she shared with the ladies around her. I’ll have another contest in late  November- something with a Christmas theme.


Thursday brought an early Christmas to my youngest son. Nobel prize winner Bob Dylan played at Thalia Mara Hall in Jackson. It was a great concert. Lots of aged hippies, but some of us younger people too. Only at a Dylan concert would I be considered younger.

Before the concert, we ate supper at the Iron Horse Grill. Tillman was our server. Hot Tamales, Shrimp Fahitas, Shrimp and Grits. I love Shrimp and Grits. If you want really good Southern food, you must try the Iron Horse  Grill. Check out their menu on-line.


George, waiting to get into the hall, perused the program.

Friday we went to the big home improvement store for a palm sander and a set of attic stairs. We also came home with this.

George named him Jimmy

Saturday I spent the day at my farm house. Leaving that evening, the stars were magnificent .  I haven’t seen the stars like that in over two years. Living in town (with its glaring street lights) obscures the night sky.

Before the sun went down, I walked my property and snapped a few pictures. Swept steps, baseball bats, purple petunias, old out house, stunning sycamore.

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Take the time to enjoy  life: nature’s beauty, good food, great music, friends and family, simple things.

Blessings from the Exile’s Kitchen..