Dead Eggs

I haven’t posted anything for a couple of weeks. I have had the flu; and I took the flu shot! Never do I remember feeling as badly as I have the last two weeks. I am ready for influenza to be outfluenza.

It’s close to Easter and Easter is a little early this year. A memory of my oldest son greeted me this morning.

We had been visiting at my former in-law’s one weekend nearing Easter and my son was about 3 years old. His gran told him to go to her kitchen. She had a surprise for him on the counter. In the center of the blue laminate was a bowl of brightly colored Easter eggs.

My then three year old looked shocked at what he saw.

“Mama,” he asked me, “did the Easter Bunny come to Gran’s house?”

“No,” I answered. ” The Easter Bunny hasn’t come early. Gran dyed these eggs herself.”

“Well, can I have one?”

“You need to go ask Gran,” I told him.

Down the short set of stairs he flew to the den where his grandparents were.

“Gran! Gran, can I have a dead egg?”

Dyed eggs/dead eggs. To a three year old they’re the same thing. My oldest loves this story and so do I.

Easter blessings from the Exile’s Kitchen.20160318_183828-1