Randomness: The Mask

Mask ordinances in two of the three areas in which I do business have gone into effect. Whether masks actually work to keep one free of this global virus, who really knows. As I don’t want to be fined, I will wear a mask while shopping, etc.

My Favorite shade of Burt’s Bees: Peony

This morning I needed to do some shopping, and wanting to look my best (Remember what Channel said? A lady always dresses like she’s about to meet Prince Charming or her worst enemy.), I applied my favorite shade of neutral lip color: Burt’s Bees Peony. Before I got out of my car, I put on my mask. Then I thought about my lips being covered and felt what a waste of lip color. Nobody will see my mouth. Vain? Uhhhh…. maybe just a touch. But then I thought, are lipstick companies losing money right now? Are women leaving off the lip shade, I mean, because who can see that luscious lip shine covered by a mask? Why bother, darling?

What if a woman’s best feature are her lips? Wearing a mask will keep them from being seen – in public anyway. Now, if I were the head of a cosmetic company, I would be pushing my products for eye beauty. Mascara, crow’s feet cream, shadows, temporary eyelid decals, false lashes, the masked works!

Here are my baby blues. Hmmmm… Add tweezers and eyebrow brushes and brow pencils to the above list. HA! Mine need attention. Pronto! Yeah, I’d say that eye make-up should be the push for cosmetic companies these days.

Here’s some quick words of random encouragement from a quiet observer:

Try staying out of situations that aren’t healthy. Maybe skip that firebombing political rally and just stay home. Take notice of personal space and personal hygiene. I never have liked people getting too close while they talked to me. Six feet- don’t have a problem with it. Wash your hands and clean up any splashes you make. Don’t leave the sink a mess for someone else to deal with. Wear a mask and shop local. It’s your neighbors and friends either operating those stores or working there. Don’t penalize your town’s local economy because you feel wearing a mask is the beginning of some kind of government control. I bet the business owners aren’t happy with the mandate either.

Okay, I’m off my soapbox.



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