National Peeps Day

The day after Easter is National Peeps Day, dedicated to those sugar coated marshmallows shaped like chicks and bunnies this time of year. I had bought several packages in different colors, thinking I’d have a weekend with my granddaughter and we would make those cute little bunnies-in-Twinkies-with-chocolate-dipped-miniature-pretzels-for-steering -wheels-and-halved-tiny-sandwich-cookies-for-wheels-race cars. You can look on Pinterest and find them. So, I had all of these bunny peeps; what to do with them?

Well, it’s coffee time. Floating a few on top is cheering, after a long day at work. Waste not want not goes the old adage. Of course, I don’t believe Peeps ever really go bad.

Twin Peeps in my afternoon cup of coffee.

Springtime blessings from the Exile’s Kitchen.


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