Buy the Roses

This mornings breakfast was grits, bacon, toast and coffee. On my kitchen table is a mixed bouquet of flowers bought at the store with the big W on it. I rarely bought flowers, when I lived in the country.

I grew my own. Giant sunflowers, zinnias, coreopsis, day lilys, and of course, roses. Forth of July roses, red with white stripes, smelling like cinnamon apples, grew to cover the front of the hen house. A row of yellow SUNSPRITE Roses flanked the fence, at a safe distance from the bull pen and the long, hungry tongues of the bovine. On a recent trip to Washington D. C., I was pleased to see that the Smithsonian grew these in their rose garden. Another favorite rose was a selection called Easy Does It: Medium sized, coral blooms that open up and turn pink. All of these were easy to care for and prolific bloomers up to the first frost.

My roses are now in the care of another. I hope they appreciate them.

The other week I ran to the local grocery store for a few things. On display at the front of the store were pots of miniature roses. They were nearly dead and marked down to just pennies. I bought four of them. On the patio, I repotted them, cut off the dead stems and fertilized them.

I was not real hopeful that they would survive our sweltering summer, but wonder of wonders, two of the four have made it! One, after pruning the dead away, is only about four inches tall. Yet, it is as green as can be and makes me smile, when I look at it. I believe it will have tiny red buds when it blooms. The other rose that survived is doing more than that; it is thriving. The little bedraggled plant has doubled in size and has put on four buds. The buds are on solitary stems, miniature yellow tea roses.

Yellow roses are my favorite, partly because one of my dear aunts loved them. Different colors mean different things. Yellow means friendship, joy. Red, of course, is for romance. Pink symbolizes love and appreciation.  White roses impart purity (think wedding bouquet) spirituality, sympathy. Orange roses evoke passion and desire.

 We never know what may be around that blind corner. Life is short. Life is tough. Whether a bouquet from the big chain store or worn out pots from the local grocery, buy the roses.

My survivor
My survivor
Two bouquets from the store with the big W on it
Two bouquets from the store with the big W on it

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