Morning, Bacon

Bread pudding, a cup of coffee and bacon for breakfast, on this chilly November morning. Now I like bacon crispy and with the least amount of grease possible, so I nuke it on a paper towel lined plate. There were two brands of bacon in the frig: Carolina Pride and Bryan.


One brand came out looking like bacon and the other, well, didn’t.
A few minutes in the microwave and two pieces tried to crawl off the plate.
Bacon stripes or bacon crumbles?

Can you tell which bacon is which brand, by these pictures?

Yeah, I’m griping about bacon. The packages are smaller and the price is higher. You have to really read the package, otherwise you’ll get whimpy slices that all but refuse to come out of the packaging and then shrink up to nothing! Who’s got time to research the bacon aisle after a long day at work?

Excuse me- I watched all the over indulged millennials protesting in the streets and I felt left out…

Back to the comparison : the strips of bacon are Carolina Pride, the crumbles are Bryan. Not telling you what to buy, but I know which I’ll look for.

Blessings from the Exile’s Kitchen .