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I apologize if any of you have seen an add for Planned Parenthood on my blog site theexileskitchen.  I do not support that organization. Children are precious and, where they may come at inopportune times in our overly selfish lives, I would never condone getting ‘rid’  of a baby.

I had a miscarriage 22 years ago. The hospital bill came to me with the treatment listed as a dnc due to a spontaneous abortion. Yes, that is what happened, but the word abortion is so negatively charged, and rightly so, that it wounded me a second time.

I wanted every baby I was pregnant with. God gave me 3 sons here on earth. One child waits for me in heaven. And some day in God’s timimg, I will meet that beautiful child.

I am hurt and appalled that the Planned Parenthood ad was foisted onto my blog site. Again, I did not request it, nor do I ask you to contribute to them. I dont know who to talk to to have it removed. And I pray that you, the readers of theexileskitchen,  do not believe for one second that I approve of that organization.

There are Crisis Pregnancy Centers all over the country. If you find yourself with an unplanned pregnancy, contact them, not Planned Parenthood.  In the Pike County area in Mississippi their phone number is 601-684-3987 and they are located at 406 Delaware Ave, McComb, MS 39648.

Matthew 19:14

Psalm 139:14

God, bless the children and forgive the wicked practice of killing the unborn.


One thought on “Add On My Blog Site

  1. I was a young girl, when Roe vs Wade happened. Hearing the hype in the news, that “every child should be planned”, I remember asking my mother if I was “planned”. She hesitated a second and then laughed, “You came 17 months after your brother! You think you were planned?” I must have had a hurt look on my face, because she amended her answer. “Amanda, if it’s any consolation, none of you (my siblings and I) were planned. And I love each one of you.”
    The Roe vs Wade decision did make an impact on me, but not in the way they intended. At a very early age I decided that when I got married and wanted children, that yes, each one would be “planned”. We took precautions to not “get” pregnant in the first place. But had one of them not been planned, I would have lovingly welcomed them into our family. Killing a baby- never would it have entered the picture as an option.
    I know a couple who has recently adopted a beautiful baby girl. I got to hold her Sunday afternoon. I gifted her mother with a girly pink quilt that I made myself. Such a sweet blessing from an unplanned pregnancy. We are all so thankful her birth mother didn’t choose to have an abortion.


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