Early to the garden.

The sun climbed high. Sweat walked down the small of my back, as I worked. Red wing blackbirds trilled; a woodpecker beat a tattoo. The breeze whispered in the corn. Another mess of yellow squash was gathered. It was delightful.

Except for two things. And I know that talking about the weather is the worst thing in writing, but my goodness it’s dry in southwest Mississippi. If you who are reading this are a praying bunch, please lift up a prayer for rain in our part of the world. The corn may be whispering today, but it will soon be crying from a lack of water. Rain, we need rain.

The second thing that marred my mornings peace was the four-wheeler, riding teenager. Up and down the fence row he went. Loudness, covering my idyllic pastoral setting.  He tried to coax Marigold to ride with him, but she politely declined and stretched out on the shady porch instead.

The squash was taken to the kitchen, but wasn’t cooked up. I made a flower arrangement out of some, along with the first picked cosmos. The tips of the wisteria are on their second bloom. All were arranged on an antique platter. I call it Geese In the Flower Patch.


The day ended with a visit from my favorite fella- favorite for right now. His Mama goes to the hospital early on Monday to have his baby brother and then I’ll have two favorite fellas.

Saturday blessings from the Exiles Kitchen.




2 thoughts on “#whattodowithallofthissquash

  1. Dear Exile, Good Luck with the squash. We moved to Stinnett, Texas in the late 1980s, for my husband to assume duties as pastor of a church in that small rural community. It was only a short time before we discovered that Stinnett and the surrounding area had its own “Squash Problem”. Soon we were told one day to be sure and lock the doors of our vehicles when we went to the post office. Doubting that there was too much around that could be “harmful”, we left the doors unlocked.

    Within a brief time, we began to be hit fairly regularly by the “whatdoIdowithallthissquash” group who “shared” it with us when we went to the pick up the mail. At first we thought it was from church members, who recognized our cars. We were happy to get their beautiful/delicious Zucchini Squash, but soon began to wonder what to do with it too.

    I write all this to suggest, dear Exile, that no matter what color or variety, squash
    can always be shared at your local post office, dollar store, church, school sporting event, or even on that hospital visit to see the newest grandchild!

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    1. That’s hilarious! Gives a new meaning to squash-ing someone’s enthusiasm!
      I’m not quite to the point of secret friend gifting, but close. I have a few people I can “share with” still.
      Will let y’all know when grandson #2 gets here.
      Love to everyone.


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