Sewing On This Sad Sunday Evening

I’ve been at my sewing machine this Sunday evening. An inexpensive set of plain white sheets needed a little dressing up. A couple of $3.00 spools of thread did the trick.


I learned to sew in jr. high and still enjoy it. Sewing is therapy and I end up with something pretty or useful. With the sheet set, I had first thought I would add a span of lace, but I couldn’t find any in my price range that was pretty enough. So, I decided to buy a couple spools of light blue thread and sew a decorative trim on the pillow cases and flat sheet. A couple of hours later, because of a contrary bobbin case, and I had homemade designer sheets.


It’s been a sad Sunday evening. At lunch I learned that one of my cousins had passed away from cancer. Sweet memories, fun recollections filled my mind as I worked at my sewing machine.

Homer Cooper was a big man, but gentle and loving. Funny, smart. There’s a picture around here somewhere of me up high on his shoulders. I was no more than 3 and he a young teenager. My family had been visiting my Dad’s family in Shreveport and it was time to say good-bye. A camera was brought out to snap a few family photos. Homer scooped me up for a picture. He’s smiling in the photo, I look a little scared. I thought he was surely a giant!

That is only one memory. So many more.

I send prayers and love to those Homer leaves behind. We grieve. But I am certain, that given the choice between being in Heaven or being back on this fallen earth, Homer would choose Heaven.

2 thoughts on “Sewing On This Sad Sunday Evening

  1. Thank you, Amanda, for this loving tribute to Homer. He was a fine Christian man, a wonderful husband, a good father and grandfather. We will all miss him.

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