Slow Progress

Surprises have popped up at my farmhouse. Choices and decisions, ideas and plans have to be changed. Yet, slow progress is still progress.

Some friends stopped by today. I gave them the tour, told them our plans. In the living room, my friend tried the keys of the old Werlein piano. Doesn’t sound that badly, considering it hasn’t been played or tuned in decades.

They had nothing negative to say, even though I sensed they were making a list of everything that still needs doing.

“I know there’s so much work to do,” I said.

“Yes, but it’s going to be great when it’s finished. You’re going to enjoy living out here.”

I appreciated their being positive. Some have not been.

“A big ol’ smile appears on my face when I turn off the highway and head down this road,” I explained. “The sky is bluer, the clouds whiter. Butterflies flutter ahead of my car, leading the way to the house.”

“You’ll enjoy that porch in summertime.  You can sit out there at night and listen to the whippoorwills and hoot owls.”

My friends left and I climbed back up the ladder. I ripped out old ceiling tiles today and at least a million staples. Decided where my antique pie safe will go and that the light fixture from the parlor will be spruced up and moved to illuminate future family dinners.

Dining room:  I tore out the ceiling and Mama swept up

Slow progress is still progress.

Blessing s from the Exile’s Kitchen.


4 thoughts on “Slow Progress

  1. Amanda you are an amazing writer…have you considered publishing a book ?? Anyway, this blog is so interesting,inspiring,well-written,and it holds my attention!!

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    1. Thank you, Dot. It started out as a way to cope with my divorce. Now, it’s an outlet for my moving forward into my future. I’m excited. Sometimes overwhelmed, as I have often been the last three years, but it is a good overwhelmed. I am learning new things, from talking to a CPA to learning to hang sheet rock! God shows up. Family and friends show up. My life has changed so much. My past was so different. I can’t imagine ever wanting my now-reality the way it was. Whoopee! is all I can say now. Thanks for reading.


  2. Hey Amanda,
    It was good talking to you this weekend. I have to echo Dot Johnston’s comment. You do indeed write well. For your far-flung brother, it’s a nice way to keep up with what’s going on when the goings on of the world don’t allow me to touch base with you. I’m very proud of you, sister of mine. As long as you tap into your double A power sources (Almighty God and Austin blood line) you’ll be fine.
    I love you, baby sister.

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