Second Tries

Chocolate on Chocolate Pecan Avalanche Cake: I am making this three layer dream for a young fellow in the youth group. He needed someone to bake a cake for him for the annual cake auction tomorrow night, so I volunteered. Three layers of dark chocolate cake, hiding in a blanket of chocolate butter cream icing and a tumble of honey pralines cascading over the top. Well, it should have pralines…

My first attempt at dropping a batch of honey pralines turned out wrong tonight. Can’t really tell you what I didn’t do right. I don’t know, maybe I didn’t cook the concoction long enough or my pecans weren’t cold. Cold pecans is a trick of mine; it cuts down on how long you have to beat the candy before dropping the pralines.

Thank goodness I had more evaporated milk, sugar and pecans. Ten dollars worth of pecans in that first botched batch of pralines. Ugh! I cleaned up my three quart pot and started over. Second try was perfect- creamy, glistening mounds of pecan laden sugar. Divine!

Okay, here’s your life lesson (I know you were expecting one): we’re all given a chance to be redeemed. No matter how much of a wasted, sticky mess we can make of things, there’s a way out. First we have to admit that we’ve screwed up. Next we need to clean up-do some apologizing and making amends. Last step is to start over and try again, learning from our mistake, so as not to repeat it. Second tries can be really sweet, with lessons learned.

Sticky pralines just wouldn’t set up
Learned from my mistake and the second batch was perfect. Boxed them up to put on the cake tomorrow night. Taped the boxes closed to keep taste testers at bay.
I was not throwing away all that sugar and pecans, not to mention Butter! I scraped them up and squished them down into a greased casserole dish. Hoping they set up and can be cut like fudge tomorrow.

Blessings from the Exile’s Kitchen and happy second tries.

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