Something Simple and Familiar

Spring break has officially started in our part of the country. College man made it home this afternoon, full laundry basket in tow. Some things are never changing; college students always have ditry clothes that need washing. And boys are always hungry.

I try to cook my son’s favorites when he is home and this evening I began to list what I could put together for supper. A beautiful pot of homemade chicken soup, leftovers from last night, was suggested.

He considered it, but asked, “What else ya got?”

“Well, I’ve got hot dogs,” was my answer, half expecting him to wrinkle up his nose.

“Yeah!” was his enthusiastic reply. “I haven’t had a hot dog in about three months. I missed Hot Dog Nite at the caff, because of night classes.”

Easy to please, he is. So, hot dogs it was. Tator tots graced the plates for the side. Simple and familiar and hard to beat for a college student home for spring break.

The buns were put in a pie plate and then on top of the pot of the boiling hot dogs to steam. A skillet of chopped onion, cooked down in a little olive oil, would garnish the franks.20160304_174203

Loaded dogs and tots. Chili, onions, sweet relish, mustard. 20160304_175158

Mom’s dog had mustard, chili and look, Trina. Your sour crout!20160304_174739


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