Trying To Keep Busy

Waiting is something I have never been good at. Waiting for my first grandson has really been a challenge. I’ve made sure my phone stayed charged, so I wouldn’t miss the call. He was due Sunday, but he didn’t want to make his appearance on time. I guess he wants to make grand entrance.

This weekend to keep busy, on Saturday I made a lemon meringue pie.20160213_184309

On Sunday afternoon, with the help of my youngest son, I planted two huge pots of Spring bulbs. Warmer weather is another thing I have hard time waiting on. Not on the same level as waiting for a grandchild, but you know what I’m getting at: I don’t like to wait.

I placed empty soda bottles I  the bottom  of the container. Less potting soil will be needed and it makes the planter easier to move.
Spring bulbs: purple gladiolus, bright yellow day lilys and lily of the valley.
Peeking out of the soil are the yellow day lilys and pips of lily of the valley. Under the soil, ringed around the pots inner edge are the purple glads.

My middle son, the expectant father, called me this afternoon. The waiting for Brentlee will be over tomorrow, as my daughter-in-law will go to the hospital early in the morning to be induced. Come on Brentlee, Grandmother Mandy can’t wait to meet you!

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